Friday, August 27, 2010

Damon Tavern 1817

According to information given to the 1978 Historical Commission Cultural Resources Survey, the David Damon Tavern was built in 1817 by Ebenezer Damon for his older brother, Captain David Damon, a Revolutionary War veteran.

The building still stands on Bow Street at the intersection of Park Street and Haverhill Street. Here Damon catered to several stage coaches on the Salem-Lowell Boston-Haverhill lines as well as other travelers passing through the center of town.

Diagonally across from the tavern (the site of the present Flint Memorial Library) Damon located the large stable and carriage house to service the many travelers.

The 21 room and 9 fireplaced tavern also served as the town's first Post Office. David was appointed the first postmaster in 1830.